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[Nada Prouty] ↠´ Uncompromised [malawi PDF] Ebook Epub Download É Wow I m still reeling a bit from what this woman has gone through First of all, her memoir is extremely well told I was expected a lot of telling, no showing and was pleasantly surprised to find myself hooked from the get go She tells her story well, keeps the reader hooked, educates as well as entertains Feels kinda wrong to be entertained by a memoir such as this The book starts in Lebanon Nada comes from an abusive household Her parents considered her and her sisters worthless didn t even celebrate their birthdays They doted on her brother, gave him the better food, paid for his education, held the girls down so he could beat them Yea, shocking stuff Nada doesn t dwell on that overly long though Soon she is finding a way to escape to the U.
S where she finds not all Americans were on drugs or in a constant state of drunkenness after all LOL That made me laugh There s a sham mar Uncompromised is a powerful memoir Nada Prouty, a former FBI and CIA agent, tells the story of how she came to be involved in the War on Terror, and how she was accused of spying for Hezbollah She starts her story with her childhood in war torn Lebanon, providing an interesting and important background to both who Nada is as a person and her desire to serve the United States in the fight against terrorism She then goes on to tell of her immigration to America, and how she became first an FBI agent, and then later a CIA spy finally, Nada concludes with the devastating story of how she became known as Jihad Jane, when she was falsely accused of spying for Hezbollah The writing is fairly simple, yet works very well for Nada in telling her story There were some parts where she discussed her former colleagues, especially in discussing her time at t Uncompromised opens with a M16 being shoved into Nada Prouty s face while she was on a secret mission for the CIA in Bagdad How did she get there She started out as one of the verbally abused and beaten daughter of a Lebanese family She was raised as a Druze, a religion that combines Christianity, Judaism and Muslim beliefs Not only were she and her sisters maltreated by her parents, she was in a religious minority that did not get much respect How did a brave young woman emerge from that background Culture and her father s financial benefit demanded that she be married off to another Druze with higher financial assets Also Lebanon was undergoing political upheaval and it wasn t safe to be a Druze in her neighborhood any.
Nada Prouty tells her life story with drama and poignant details from the time that she was a girl trying to survive her father and her brother s b

I was not familiar with Nada Prouty s story prior to receiving Uncompromised from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program and I m not sure I can say I m particularly glad to know it now Mostly it was just completely disgusting and made me embarrassed for my country and what was done to her Nada was born in Lebanon and came to the United States both to get away from her incredibly oppressive family and to get an education She made some mistakes when she was first here, most notably marrying a man in order to gain citizenship, but her eventual service to our country should have made up for it She went on to serve in both the FBI and the CIA and by all, er, most accounts her first hand knowledge of the Middle East and the Arabic language were extremely valuable.
Then of course she gets completely shafted for no real rea This was a really interesting book that definitely kept the pages turning The author was simply trying to serve the country that she d grown to love, but our government sure did make it difficult for her.
Overall I found the writing to be fine, but it felt like the end was a little rushed About 3 4 of the book is a build up to the ridiculousness, and then it s just sort of rushed through I felt like the reasons she was set up should have been gotten into with a little depth.
I would certainly recommend it to a friend and I m glad I read it Also, thanks to the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program for the copy of this book Nada Prouty is a Hero.
Her brother and father are Assholes.
Kenneth Chadwell is an Asshole.
Kenneth L Wainstein is an Asshole.
That being said, Uncompromised The Rise and Fall of an Arab American Patriot in the CIA by Nada Prouty is an incredible history of a woman able to overcome a very difficult childhood in Lebanon to make herself into an American hero She has suffered through an immense amount of difficulties, magnified by abuse from an abusive father, to become a solid citizen and a major contributor to the battle against Islamic terrorists This book will make you mad, and make you appreciate all the fine men and women that work to keep us all safe Highly recommended reading for anyone interested about terrorists and the people who fight them.
Guilty And a liar.
Nada Prouty Served Her Country Loyally, With Distinction, And, As Universally Acknowledged By Her Colleagues, With Great Personal Courage As A CIA Covert Officer This Tale Of Rampant Trampling Of Citizen S Rights Is A Vivid Reminder Of The Responsibility Of Citizens To Be Vigilant Against Unaccountable Government Overreach If We Hope To Keep A Strong Democracy, Where The Rule Of Law Prevails And Where A Citizen Is Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty Valerie Plame, Author Of Fair GameWhen Nada Prouty Came To The United States As A Young Woman, She Fell In Love With The Democracy And Freedom Of Her New Home After A Childhood In War Torn Lebanon With An Abusive Father And Facing The Prospect Of An Arranged Marriage, She Jumped At The Chance To Forge Her Own Path In America A Path That Led To Exciting Undercover Work In The FBI, Then The CIA As A Leading Agent Widely Lauded By Her Colleagues, She Worked On The Most High Profile Terrorism Cases In Recent History, Including The Hunt For Saddam Hussein And The Bombing Of The USS Cole, Often Putting Her Life On The Line And Usually Getting Her ManBut All This Changed In The Wake Of , At The Height Of Anti Arab Fervor, When Federal Investigators Charged Prouty With Passing Intelligence To Hezbollah Lacking Sufficient Evidence To Make Their Case In Court, Prosecutors Went To The Media, Suggesting That She Had Committed Treason Prouty, Dubbed Jihad Jane By The New York Post, Was Quickly Cast As A Terrorist Mastermind By The Relentless Hour News Cycle, And A Scandal Hungry Public Ate It UpThough The CIA And Federal Judge Eventually Exonerated Prouty Of All Charges, She Was Dismissed From The Agency And Stripped Of Her Citizenship In Uncompromised, Prouty Tells Her Whole Story In A Bid To Restore Her Name And Reputation In The Country That She Loves Beyond A Thrilling Story Of Espionage And Betrayal, This Is A Sobering Commentary On Cultural Alienation, The Power Of Fear, And What It Means To Truly Love America This was a GREAT story but I had to give it three stars for the organization and narrative of the writing But Nada s story is compelling and heartbreaking at the same time.

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