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[ Read Online Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading ✓ young-readers PDF ] by Nina Sankovitch ✓ .
I have so many GR friends to thank for their wonderful reviews and recommendation of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair It was Patti Franz and Toni Clark s comments that gave me the final push to read this It didn t hurt that I also learned that the author resides in Connecticut, my state of residence This is a book about grieving by using the power of words, books and reading to comfort the author in the death of her forty six year old sister, Ann Marie Not knowing how to cope, Nina Sankovitch turns to books as these had always helped her in her life She likens this to theglue that keeps her immigrant family together and offerscomfort, escape, and introspectionNina Sankovitch decides to read one book a day for a full year and to write about each of them The logistics of this is not easy as she is a wife, mother of four sons, and stepmother to a daugh .
So glad to find that some others felt as I did while reading this book I almost quit reading it because of the author s seemingly selfish approach to life Let me first say that when someone is grieving, they need to take care of themselves and that there is no timeline for any one person s grief or road to healing I wish Nina well on that road that all of us take, if we live long enough.
I was deeply troubled by parts of this book I was upset that the author she casually mentioned could not bring herself to attend her husband s sister s funeral I seriously could barely read from beyond that point Here she was expecting her entire family to pick up the slack over her year long exercise in grief especially her husband and then could not give him a fraction of the same support she expected everyone to gi .

words are alive and literature becomes an escape, not from, but into living Cyril ConnollySince book memoirs are among my favorite books to read, I was enthusiastic about reading Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading by Nina Sankovitch The premise of this book is a fascinating one Ms Sankovitch, who lost her older sister, Anne Marie, to bile duct cancer at the age of 46, had been racing through the years after her sister s death at a frenetic pace, trying not to think about her loss and running from her fear and sorrow She wrote After Anne Marie s death, I became a woman of two parts One part of me was still in her hospital room, the afternoon she died Then there was the other part of me, the part that left the hospital at a gallop and never looked back, for fear of what I would see I began a r Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading 365.
Three years after her sister Anne Marie died, Nina Sankovitch was living a helter skelter life, making a mad dash away from the grief and pain, unable to accept her loss She knew she needed to ditch the hectic schedule, hold still, reflect, and make some sense of her feelings A year of reading and reviewing one book every day was the method she chose to give herself that healing time and escape back into life In Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, she shares her experiences while living that year, the memories it sparked, and how it allowed her to accept the unfairness of her sister s death and feel whole again If you believe in books as therapy, or you re working through grief of your own, or you just want to breathe new life into your reading program, this could be a book for you It doesn t fit neatly int NinaSankovitch Has Crafted A Dazzling Memoir That Remindsus Of The Most Primal Function Of Literature To Heal, To Nurture And To Connectus To Our Truest Selves Thrity Umrigar, Author Of The Space Between UsCatalyzedby The Loss Of Her Sister, A Mother Of Four Spends One Year Savoring A Greatbook Every Day, From Thomas Pynchon To Nora Ephron And Beyond In The Tradition OfGretchen Rubin S The Happiness Project And Joan Dideon SA Year Of Magical Thinking, Nina Sankovitch Ssoul Baring And Literary Minded Memoir Is A Chronicle Of Loss,hope, And Redemption Nina Ultimately Turns To Reading As Therapy Andthrough Her Journey Illuminates The Power Of books To Help Us Reclaim Ourlives

www.readallday.org and can be followed on Instagram and Facebook A graduate of Harvard Law School, Sankovitch grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and currently lives in Connecticut with her family.