Ó From Persecutor to Apostle: A Biography of Paul Î Download by Ó Thomas A. Wayment

Ó From Persecutor to Apostle: A Biography of Paul Î Download by Ó Thomas A. Wayment I did not like this book It was short on insight, and read like a lecture.
Subtitled as a biography of Paul Wayment pulls together the travels of Paul from the time he is struck blind and has a vision of Jesus Christ to a time near his execution in Rome Documenting his clues from scriptures and other sources he portrays a well born and educated man who is devoted to his savior and spends his life preaching the teachings of Christ to the gentiles those not of Jewish traditions Gave me a clear picture of the early days of the Christian Church and better understanding of the letters from Paul in the New Testament It was the perfect read just prior to the Christmas season.
Examine The Life Of The Apostle Paul And The Influence His Singular Journey From Gospel Detractor To Gospel Advocate Had On His Teachings Unlike books That Focus On His Doctrinal Contributions, This Volume Places Special Emphasis On Paul S Personal Life His Eccentricities, Struggles, Setbacks, And Triumphs New Testament Expert Thomas Wayment Provides Readers With A Sense Of Paul S Perspective, From His Stay In Arabia After His Conversion, To The Disappointing Results Of His First Missionary Journey, To His Eventual Success In Bringing The Gospel To The Gentiles The Way Paul Endured His Trials Teaches Us Much About Successfully Responding To Adversity Experience The Greatness Of Paul S Character As Never Before My first introduction to Thomas Wayment was from a book he co authored called Jesus Christ in New Testament Times I really love how that book details the history and archaeology of the New Testament and its authors This book was illuminating as far as who Paul was writing to and why and also the story of his family and missionary travels It moved a little slowly at times, but overall I am glad for the insights it provided I feel like Thomas Wayment has a special gift of understanding how people were thinking and feeling through a careful analysis of their writings and history I appreciate this about his work and feel that it carries a valuable perspective to anyone wanting to know about the apostle Paul.
Didn t really keep my attention, but there was some great insight.
Knowing that BYU has trained scholars in religion, I approached this book with optimism More than halfway through, I looked at the references at the end and found it dominated modern prophets and apostles absolutely nothing from the scholarly literature on Paul Big disappointment I know BYU professors are allowed to use and cite scholarly sources I am dumbfounded as why Wayment would endeavor to write a whole biography without drawing on literature on his subject This book just didn t hold my attention at all I did learn a few things but I don t feel like I understand Paul any better I won t be reading it again.

I was expecting historical facts I liked it fine, but will likely not read it again.
Like many others, I struggled with this book Obviously when writing about someone who lived 2,000 years ago there is going to be some guesswork involved, but it seemed like much of the supposition in this book was simply guessing and not educated guessing about what happened Some of those guesses did not even seem logical to me Added to that, the book plodded on and I had a hard time staying engaged Good information over all, but not the easiest read.
I want to learn about Paul since I m teaching the NT this year, and this book is helpful and enlightening in the following ways It follows a chronological order in Paul s life and mission experiences It inserts which epistles he wrote at each stage of his personal growth It portrays him as a human a flawed therefore endearing but powerful missionary The author used his expertise in ancient languages to bring out cultural context The author used various editions of the NT and mostly ancient sources writers like Tacitus, Eusebius, Jerome and others to tell the story and try to fill in details missing from Acts and the letters, but was forthright about what we don t know and shouldn t guess at.
This is a biography of Paul not a commentary on his teachings I trust this author s scholarship and appreciate him using all the current resources there are on this subject

Dr Wayment is an Associate professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University He received his BA in Classics from the University of California at Riverside, and his MA and PhD in New Testament Studies from the Claremont Graduate School He has been teaching full time at BYU since 2000.Dr Wayment s research interests include the historical life of Jesus, New Testament manuscript