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[Eric Dezenhall] ë The Devil Himself [urbanism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë Compelling historical fiction work, with a topic still timely for today s politics Meyer Lansky comes across as a complex and sympathetic soul, who views his life and actions with an unvarnished perspective Will appeal to both espionage and military history fans alike.
In , German U Boats Prowled The Atlantic, Sinking Hundreds Of US Ships Along The East Coast, Including The Largest Cruise Ship In The World, Normandie, Destroyed At A Manhattan Pier After Pearl Harbour Desperate To Secure The Coast, The Navy Asked For Help From Jewish Mob Boss Meyer Lansky The Devil Himself is a novel based on real events about how Meyer Lansky and some of his mobster associates cooperated with the US Navy during WWII to help in surprising ways with the war effort In addition to being a great read, it is an enlightening insight into the nature of patriotism, loyalty, friendship, prejudice, media, mobsters, and bureaucracy From the book Some things you do in your life because it s your job, but other things you do in your life because you believe you are doing a mitzvah, a good thing It is a book worth owning and reading.

The story of organized crime s contributions to exposing Nazi spies in the New York New Jersey area and preparing Sicily for the Allied invasion is a fascinating story that would have been much riveting if told by a gifted author However, I found Dezenhall s writing to be awkward, clunky, and herky jerky meaning it did not flow smoothly from one point to the next In addition, I feel using President Reagan to set up the story was an obvious plot construct used in an attempt to hook the reader and make the story relevant to modern times Unfortunately, it stuck out as an obvious manipulation and actually detracted from the tale Meyer Lansky is an enormously intriguing character and a historically important one Miami, Las Vegas, Havana, etc However, he does not come to life in this tale, and as a result, neither does the book.
This is the sixth adventure of Jonah Eastman, a pollster spin doctor for hire The author is a crisis management damage control consultant in real life Jonah lives in New Jersey, but unsurprisingly spends a lot of time in Washington, D.
C He is also the grandson of Mickey Price, a well connected Atlantic City mobster And although maybe not the deepest of books, the series is highly entertaining and at times laugh out loud funny.
The Devil Himself is somewhat of a departure in that it s a story about another story Let me explain Current day Jonah takes us back to when he was a young pup working as an aide in the Reagan White House and given an off the books assignment Utilizing his family connections Jonah is to root out the true story behin

Eric Dezenhall is an author and damage control expert based in Washington, D.C He is the CEO of Dezenhall Resources, a nationally recognized high stakes communications firm He frequently lectures in academic and business circles, and regularly appears as a damage control expert in the international media He has appeared on network television and radio outlets including NPR, CNN, FOX, CNBC, and