Trailer ☆ Deke!: An Autobiography PDF by ☆ Donald K. Slayton

Trailer ☆ Deke!: An Autobiography PDF by ☆ Donald K. Slayton Deke Slayton Was One Of The First Seven Mercury Astronauts And He Might Have Been The First American In Space Instead, He Became The First Chief Of American Astronaut Corps It Was Deke Slayton Who Selected The Crews Who Flew The Gemini, Apollo, And Skylab Missions It Was Deke Slayton Who Made Neil Armstrong The First Man On The Moon Dekeis Deke Slayton S Story Told In His Own Words And In The Voices Of The Men And Women Who Worked With Him And Knew Him Best Deke Slayton S Knowledge Of How TheS Manned Space Program Worked Is The Missing Piece Of Every Space Buff S Puzzle Now, After Decades Of Silence, He Tells His Priceless Stories Of Those Years When American Was Engaged In The Greatest Voyage Of Exploration In Human History Having devoured the complete Apollo canon of histories, biographies and autobiographies, I admit that I d been putting this one off for some time I suppose because Deke was a Mercury astronaut who never flew in that program and was barely an Apollo astronaut if you see the Apollo Soyuz test Project as actually being part of the Apollo project , I didn t think his story would be that compelling Well, I confess now to being wrong and misinformed This is a great addition to the Apollo story, not because of Deke s activities as an astronaut, but because of his unique position of being in charge of flight crew selection during Gemini and Apollo Who decided that Neil Armstrong would be the first human to set foot upon the moon Deke did.
The Apollo chronology is famili As one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, Deke Slayton was there from the beginning Unfortunately he was grounded due to a heart condition, but stepped in as director of flight crew operations.
This book is unique among astronaut autobiographies because Slayton was there for every flight, from Alan Sheperd s first flight to the maiden voyage of the Space Shuttle He was eyewitness witness to all of the historical events from Ed White s spacewalk to Gene Cernan stepping off the moon for the last time He was on the administrative side of the astronaut office, but was an astronaut himself This unique position allowed him to have a unique perspective on early manned space flight, and the stories he s able to tell a

Deke by Donald K Deke Slayton and Michael Cassutt This is the story of astronaut Deke Slayton, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, and his years with NASA Told in his own words and in the voices of the men and women who worked with him and knew him best, here in words and pictures is the story of his years as a test pilot, his struggle to fly into space, his work training the astronaut corps, his involvement in the designing of the Lunar Landing Module, and his work with Space Services Highly recommended.
This doesn t deserve 4 stars for the style It is the content which is saving it The 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong s The eagle has landed is pretty near Who decided that it would be Armstrong to put his foot first on the moon It was Deke And with it je decided the complete lineup of Apollo astronauts going up there So, this is one of the books you should read.

Donald Kent Deke Slayton March 1, 1924 June 13, 1993 was one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts 1 After initially being grounded by a heart murmur, he served as NASA s Director of Flight Crew Operations, making him responsible for crew assignments at NASA from November 1963 until March 1972 At that time he was granted medical clearance to fly as the docking module pilot of the