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ï Foop! Ñ Download by ↠´ Chris Genoa Meet Joe, The Ill Fated Tour Guide At The Center Of A Story That Beings With The Death Of Abraham Lincoln, At Joe S Hands There Are Strange Happenings Going On At Dactyl, Inc The World S First And Only Time Travel Tourism Company So Strange That Joe, A Tour Guide, Is Promoted To The New Position Of Chief Of Probes His First Probe Find Out Who S Been Traveling Back In Time And Torturing His Boss In Rather Disturbing Ways Joe Finds Himself Catapulted From His Dull Life Into A Surreal Journey Where A Blind Hog Tying Monkey Is One Of The Sanest Creatures He Meets Traveling Through A Past Where The Only Thing That Changes The Present Is Death, While Dealing With The Fabric Of Space Time Slowly Unraveling, Joe Stumbles Into The Middle Of Events That Threaten Both The Earth S Future And Past This was a hilarious, well written novel It left me feeling that there could ve been , though There were some things going on underneath the surface they should ve been expanded on For the most part, the main thing I got out of the book was mild amusement.
This is a crazy, loopy, surreal book I ran across it quite by chance, perusing the shelves at a local community college library, and it was only after checking it out that I saw the cover blurb by a favorite writer of mine, Christopher Moore, that probably would have clinched the deal if I hadn t already been hooked.
Foop was published by a local printing house, Eraserhead Press though that site is now redirecting toward something called Bizarro Central that I m not sure I like , and definitely shows signs of being a post Millennium small press product in aspects of its binding, paper and font choices.
It s also not just badly proofread, but aggressively badly proofread, as if the amiable but dim narrator s voice required Genoa to pick the wrong homophone UGH Another book, that s probably like a 3.
5 than a 4 However, as a 1st novel from someone it s definitely entertaining and the imagery inside is much better than average.
Time travel highlights one of the major themes, with a similar feel to elements of Cat s Cradle by Vonnegut.
It s got a share of humor as well as sci fi, and the underlying premise of the difficulties and desires of human connectivity.
Solid effort.
Foop starts off on a strong note, but it too convinced of its own wit to be anything than a disappointment.
It should have been entertaining and it s trying so hard to be.
A Douglas Adams like story about the absurdities surrounding time travel and its implication, Foop never lives up to its early promise The middle lags a lot and I figured out where the story was headed long before the main characters did Whether it s because I ve read a bit of these type of stories in the past or it was just a bit too predictable I m not sure.
I have to say, this was probably one of the strangest books I ve ever read It is hard to say I actually liked it, but I couldn t stop reading I had to find out where these disturbed, lunatic creations of the author were going to end up There were a few issues that could have been fixed in the novel with tighter editing, but for a first novel, published by a small press to boot, this was not a bad start to what may be a lucrative career for Chris Genoa.
I m a sucker for time travel stories, so Foop is right up my alley And it s witty as hell, though somewhat digressive and even rambling at moments But as silly and far flung and downright weird as the plot gets, it s never boring, and Joe s voice rings true through it all funny, observant, yet so jaded and lonely that even time travel is just a job, and not a good one.
This being a first novel I was super impressed It did have quite a few typos, but almost everything does nowadays it seems like The only author that has even come close to equaling the hilarity of Douglas Adams It was so refreshing to read a so called humorous book that actually made me laugh Reminded me quite a bit of Rudy Rucker, especially his book, Master Of Space And Time.
Overall, I really enjoyed it and would love to read from this author.
This is the best, and funniest, novel that I ve read in a long time Joe, the main character, really makes the book I m a sucker for self deprecating characters that are a bit out of their head and really love the way that Joe describes his world Highly recommended

Chris Genoa is the author of Foop 2005, Eraserhead Press , Lick Your Neighbor 2010, Eraserhead Press , and The Monkey the Barrel 2011.