Þ Daddys Little Girl ☆ Download by ✓ J.J. Argus

Þ Daddys Little Girl ☆ Download by ✓ J.J. Argus SPOILERS AHEAD though for your sake I d still recommend reading the review This book was so weird I liked the first half, absolutely hated the second I ve read erotica before I like exploring, I guess you could say, because I m a very curious person, so I ve read everything from vanilla to light BDSM to intense BDSM to captive rape stories This is my first book about a daughter father relationship though, having been curious about trying it after reading Under Mr Nolan s Bed I ve been dying to find books about DDlg relationships, but unfortunately there aren t many so I decided to give this a try First of all this is not a DDlg relationship This is actual incest This is about the relationship between a girl and her actual biological father If it sickens you to read these kinds of things though it should be obvious by the title then I suggest you don I found myself blocking out the idea that this was father daughter The twisted ending was, I felt, even over the top for this subject matter It made me want to throw the book didn t cause I didn t want to break my kindle and not even admit to reading it.
This is not an age play one at all This is definitely incest, no getting around it Mr Argus creates another rather taboo story filled with corruption of an innocent little girl turned into a cum slut The story is hot with gang banging, fisting, anal, public display, humiliation, forced f f and of course, daddy daughter sex Is this story for everyone Probably not Would I like this in real life No As a fantasy to read about, very tasty I d like to be Nicole in the storyA hot read for those who like humiliation and deviance Not for those into romance or HEA There is no HEA here.
Really, this has to be some kind of joke I m just gonna put it out there I just couldn t believe this whole thing was expected to be taken serious as a sincere shot at BDSM age play Yeah, I would have to admit that I anticipated this book from the summary Yet, it fell shy of my expectations as a whole I was thinking something completely different was gonna happen in this book that s what I was led to believe Honestly, I thought it would have gotten better as the story progressed That was not the case, it had actually gotten worse First and foremost, this is incest By any stretch of the word, the players in this book are actually biologically related to each other No step dad step daughter going on here This story soon becameandunpredictable It di Wow this is not what I expected but it was pretty hott Im really not into humilation myself but i sure enjoyed reading it Still not sure what I think about the ending But very hott read Hannah Had Never Known Her Father, But When She Went Off To College, Economic Circumstances Required She Stay With Him She Was Surprised At How Handsome He Was, How Dignified, How Strong And Disciplined A Man Her Father Was Before Very Long She Was Falling In Love With Him, Despite His Stern Manner Yet She Was Falling In Love As A Woman, Rather Than A Daughter, And The Thrill Of Her First Real Affair Made Her Easy Prey To The Hot, Steamy Heat He Raised In Her Young Body Soon She Was Being Spanked For Poor Marks, And Her Wrists Began To Bear The Marks Of Rope And Chain Spanking Gave Way To Floggings And Severe Punishments, And Her Father Began To Loan Her Body To Other Men Then His New Girlfriend Nicole Moved In, And Nicole Had A Much Sterner Discipline In Mind For Daddy S Little Girl

Also writes as the single name author Argus JJ Argus started writing erotica in the 1980s working for Star Distributing, a New York publisher He wrote 3 books a month until Star went under with the advent of the internet He has also been published by Beeline and Beaver books, and sold short stories to Penthouse, Oui, Nugget, and numerous others In the 1990s he began writing for British publish