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[Abby Blake] Õ Sweet Captivation (A Bride for Eight Brothers, #2) [american-novels PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Unable To Return To The Ice Planet Due To Her Pregnancy, Mikayla Is Left On Earth With Lachlan While The Rest Of Her Husbands Complete Their Contract But An Unexpected Midnight Visitor Causes Concern He S Injured, Frightened And Offensive, But He S Also Matt S Twin Brother, BryceWhen Brock Is Injured And Stranded At The Bottom Of A Snow Crevice, Lachlan Is Called Back To The Ice Planet To Help Rescue His Brother He Has No Choice But To Leave His Wife S Safety In The Hands Of A Man He Barely KnowsBut When Trouble Comes Looking For Bryce, Will Mikayla End Up In The Line Of Fire A different and unexpected continuation to an already good start in the first book, it was very nice to be introduced to Bryce the missing eighth brother Well written story with emotional issues rearing their heads alongside Bryce s reappearance and Mikayla s pregnancy Very enjoyable.
Abby Blake has created a series that is unique and intriguing, with characters that are fascinating and fun to read The books in this series do not stand alone, and must be read in order I enjoyed meeting each of Mikayla s seven men in book one, and this one brings us the eighth brother in the family On a future earth, where polyamory and polygamy are legal, and rather commonplace, Mikayla and Lachlan are staying put, while the rest of her husbands are finishing out their contract on the ice planet where they met Because of some twisted laws on the planet, prostitution is legal, but pregnancy is outlawed Since Mikayla is currently four months pregnant, she is sitting on earth until the baby is born When a wounded man shows up at the door in the middle of the night, Mikayla meets brother number eight, Bryce, twin of Matt Wh

LoL oh what can I say to this I read the first one and was a bit curious on the second one I haven t read any since but it was full of WTF moments Eight brothers, really Okay so they like to say they are into multiple spouses, but I don t hear of that going on in the same family usually You d think some of these guys would get bored being stereotyped as exclusive doms, or they share twins of course , or they are sweet and giving in the bedroom, but no it seems that s what they are and they never stray from that The villain is one of the brother s ex fianc I say one because I honestly can t keep track of them all He s all butt hurt because she rejected him after he made the oh so reasonable request of letting half a dozen of his brothers bed her Really OH comeon Abby you can t be serious I think 99.
9% of women would tell a man to go F himself is he said that too her The whole A continuation of Mikayla s story these six novellas are not stand alone stories but are dependent upon the previous books These men certainly show a serious sense of honor and maturity about this woman, taking her in, housing her, saving her from a terrible fate when her fiance brought her to this planet with the express purpose of leaving her stranded and being sold as a sex slave, all unbeknownst to her Her relationship with these brothers continue to expand and they learn that she is an honorable person who keeps her word and who is worth knowing and allowing in their life Again, at this point, there are only seven brothers present All are different is many ways, and there are several sets of twins As polyamorous families are the norm, it is not unusual for families to be made up of multiple fathers or multiple mothers A fun read set in the futur

Abby Blake writes erotic romance exclusively for Siren Publishing She has MFM, MFMM, and FMMMMMMMM stories currently published with BDSM, paranormal, contemporary, and sci fi themes At the moment she has three completed series available and many planned.