Trailer è Sword of the Gods PDF by Û Bruce R. Cordell

Trailer è Sword of the Gods PDF by Û Bruce R. Cordell Sword of the Gods by Bruce R CordellSword of the Gods is a stand alone novel set in the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons and Dragons This book also ties into The Abyssal Plague trilogy, but isn t part of the trilogy The actual The Abyssal Plague trilogy is set in the Dungeons and Dragons self titled novel line The trilogy consists of The Temple of Yellow Skulls by Don Bassingthwaite, The Oath of Viligance by James Wyatt due out in August 2011 , and The Eye of the Chained God by Don Bassingthwaite due out April 2012 There is an origin novella by James Wyatt titled The Gates of Madness and a prelude by Bill Slavicsek titled The Mark of Nerath The plague will stay in the Forgotten Realms with Shadowbane by Erik Scott de Brie due out in September 2011 a A greatly refreshing novel by Bruce R Cordell I loved every minute of this book, and truth be told if I hadn t been with my girlfriend I absolutely would have finished this in a single sitting without any breaks for anything.
The story takes some old writing cliches like the main character have amnesia and uses them refreshingly The book follows Damascus and his misadventure that results in quite the interesting read.
The characters were highly realistic, the humor was witty, the action was excellent, the plot was interesting if a tad bit predictable but it in no way took away from the story Cordell managed a masterpiece here, and though I won t ruin anything for you, I can say with all certainty that I ll be looking for of his work, particularly if he attempts to continue writing about Damascus or the Abyssal Plague events.

I didn t really get to care that much for the main protagonist, Demascus, but I seem to have that with most novel s heroes Chant, Rilta, and Carmenere went well though, and the demon cultists opposing them were interesting if a bit gullible.
Demascus starts the story with amnesia, which works well, as it allows one to slowly discover Demascus nature One thing puzzles me, and that is Demascus assuming he is a human Why would he think that Wouldn t a creature upon waking with amnesia know he was a creature of a certain race I definitely don t see a hobgoblin waking up and thinking I am a human It feels like the writer is projecting his own thoughts there rather than the deva s.
Demascus discovery of his history gives interesting scenes such as the strangling of a priest It prtomise ssome dark discoveries However, the resolution for this, at the end of the novel, is not satisfactory Sword of the Gods is the second installment of The Abyssal Plague series but the first set in the Forgotten Realms I have not read the book in the series, The Temple of Yellow Skulls by Don Bassingthwaite, but it did not not detract from the reading experience The main character, Demascus, wakes to find himself in a strange place with no memory of who he is nor where he came from The story unfolds as he slowly finds out of his past and begins to wonder if he is better off not knowing who or what is really is The pacing of the book is perfect, I never felt like the book was lagging nor needless filler was applied Every action had a purpose that drew the characters together and the end tied up the plot lines Mr Cordell does characterization well, the characters are multi faceted and never flat As the story progressed I wanted to know Demascus s pa Really kind of disappointing No real ending and yet I don t think the other Abyssal Plague books deal with these specific characters I hadn t read a new Dungeons and Dragons novel in ages and now I am sad I started with one that was only okay I checked the other books in the series on and there is no mention of the characters in this novel I really feel like Black Library s Warhammer books have surpassed DD novels That is really tough for me to say since I love Dragonlance and the Drizzt books Though I really have not read new books in either series.
Let me begin by saying that I am not a DD fan It s not that I have anything against Dungeon s and Dragon s, but I never got into it The thing I loved most about this book, especially since it is the second in a series, is that you don t have to be a DD fan or know anything about the DD universe to enjoy this book.
Our hero Demascus has amnesia Brilliant He doesn t know who he is or much about the world, and neither did I So we learned together With the aid of Chant a honest and opportunistic pawn show owner and Riltana a thief with morals, Demascus solves the mystery of his past, the deaths of several soldiers, and stops a demon uprising.
A fun fast read that not only inspires me to read in this series, but also to go back and read other works by Bruce Cordell.
I really enjoyed this book There was a mystery element that propelled you forward, the characters were effective but didn t feel invincible I didn t feel like the world building got in the way of an interesting story with interesting characters The combats were exciting without bogging down the rest of the plot The writing was complex but not over wrought I m definitely reading the second book in the series.
great book Excellent character development and nonstop action What You Don T Know Will Kill YouDemascus Awakens Surrounded By Corpses, At A Shrine Littered With Traces Of Demonic Rituals, With No Memory Of His Past But The Firestorm Cabal Remembers Him And The Demon Who Leads Them Seems To Have A Personal Vendetta Against Him Dodging Knives, Uncovering Clues Left By His Past Life, And Dueling Demons, Demascus Must Figure Out Who He Is, What Battles He Is Fighting, And Who Is Hunting Him Before One Of Them Catches Up With Him Sword of the Gods Brings The Events Of The Universe Spanning Pandemonium Series To The Forgotten Realms World From The Paperback Edition Well written and entertaining Not at all what I expected from my first Forgotten Realms A delight Good characterization Fun adventure An enjoyable stand alone read for sword sorcery fans.

Bruce R Cordell authored books for Dungeons Dragons over the course of 4 editions 2nd Edition through 5th Edition DD These days, he s a senior designer for Monte Cook Games, LLC designing Numenera , Gods of the Fall, and The Strange Also a novel author, his credits include several titles set in the Forgotten Realms Bruce s tenth novel, Myth of the Maker, is just out from Angry Rob