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¸ Read ☆ Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan ¸ A tale filled with magic, thrill, romance, and charm, Unspoken is a unique Gothic mystery that, if only I could have clicked with its characters, I might have greatly enjoyed And as I seem to be in the minority on this one, I think fans of Gothic novels should definitely give it a try as it does have good writing and a very creative concept While most of the Gothic novels I have come to love have been fairly slow paced ie The Book of Blood and Shadow and Long Lankin I found that Unspoken did not convey quite enough atmosphere or creepy factor to make up for the slower development It does start out with a very decent pace, but I found the first three quarters of the book is spent with Kami while she goes around gathering clues to find a killer, yet she s too occupied with her complicated feelings towards Jared, sometimes Ash, to focus on finding answers I m sure i It s my baby, so nobody should listen to what I think I m just like, oh, it should go to Cambridge and it has the prettiest hair Kami Glass Loves Someone She S Never Met A Boy She S Talked To In Her Head Ever Since She Was Born She Wasn T Silent About Her Imaginary Friend During Her Childhood, And Is Thus A Bit Of An Outsider In Her Sleepy English Town Of Sorry In The Vale Still, Kami Hasn T Suffered Too Much From Not Fitting In She Has A Best Friend, Runs The School Newspaper, And Is Only Occasionally Caught Talking To Herself Her Life Is In Order, Just The Way She Likes It, Despite The Voice In Her HeadBut All That Changes When The Lynburns ReturnThe Lynburn Family Has Owned The Spectacular And Sinister Manor That Overlooks Sorry In The Vale For Centuries The Mysterious Twin Sisters Who Abandoned Their Ancestral Home A Generation Ago Are Back, Along With Their Teenage Sons, Jared And Ash, One Of Whom Is Eerily Familiar To Kami Kami Is Not One To Shy Away From The Unknown In Fact, She S Determined To Find Answers For All The Questions Sorry In The Vale Is Suddenly Posing Who Is Responsible For The Bloody Deeds In The Depths Of The Woods What Is Her Own Mother Hiding And Now That Her Imaginary Friend Has Become A Real Boy, Does She Still Love Him Does She Hate Him Can She Trust Him This book, oh my god, th th thiWARNING You may need a lifeboat to stay adrift in the oceans of adoration below There are simply no words to describe the mountain of awesome that is Sarah Rees Brennan This is my very first Brennan book, and I feel like the universe has cheated me by not introducing me to her earlier Some day, technology permitting, I would LOVE to splice together DNA from Sarah and my other favorite funnywoman funnyman Rachel Hartman to create my very own personal funny clone, and then I would just sit around and laugh hysterically all day Don t be scared I m only a little crazy Unspoken is unlike any other YA book I have ever read I m not going to say it is TEH BEST BOOK EVAH even though I want to , but it is, without doubt, incredibly unique in the YA sphere It manages to mix together all the elements I find m Okay, so it s been a few days and I think my rage face has worn off a bit and I can talk to you all about all of the things I absolutely loved about Sarah Rees Brennan s Unspoken without being completely bias against the whole thing because of the ending So, here it goes, review time Forest deep, silent bellsThere s a secret no one tellsValley quiet, water stillLynburns watching on the hillApples red, corn goldAlmost everyone grows old.
Intrepid young journalist Kami Glass knows there are secrets in her quiet small town of Sorry in the Vale, she knows the Lynburns are at the heart of it, and she knows no one wants to talk When the Lynburns return after a generation away, Kami sees her chance to get to the bottom of things If only having the Lynburns so near didn t mean losing hold of her own secret and realizing that her imaginary friend wasn t so im Listen to me I don t know what s going on I don t know what any of this means But I know this much It doesn t matter You re not one of them You never were You re not theirs You re mine Writing bad Like really bad Plot what plot Characters what characters You mean there were actual people in here Shocking.
There is really nothing to say.
Edit 11 2 12So after reading this snippet from the sequel I will definitely not though I doubt I would have anyway be raising this rating to two stars You know what I imagine closes out that scene These are the days of our lives Is this a soap opera or a book, guys Guess the relationship melodrama keeps on keeping on in book two Unspoken really isn t as bad as some of the other one star YA books I ve read this year The Body Finder and Shadow and Bone spring to mind There really are some redeeming moments in it, and if it hadn t been for that last chapter, I might have rated it just a little higher Perhaps those moments of redemption are what made this book s betrayal even worse This was a story we ve heard many times before trying to pretend it was the opposite of that thing instead of just being honest about what it was.
Kami Glass Malese Jow in my mind

Sarah Rees Brennan Unspoken is unequivocally one of the best young adult books I ve ever read I don t even know where to begin Is it enough to tell you to read it Synopsis aside, this is as colourful, as unique, as moving and absorbing as a book can get The plot involves a strange family, a old town legend, murder, love and magic Brennan envisions an original premise that holds your attention from the very first page Her idea is fully developed, never giving too much while holding nothing back the details rather come as they may The pace is a leisure walk through Kami s everyday life, with curious bursts of the real mystery surrounding the return of the infamous Lynburn family, feared and revered as local gods It is arguably slow, but readers are not left impati Take this quiz to learn if your brain would appreciate this read.
1 When you hear the word love triangle, you a Scream at the top of your lungs and rush out the room, pushing anyone standing in your way b Raise an eyebrow.
2 On a Friday night, you d rather a Talk to your crush on the telephone b Investigate a potential murder scene.
3 You often dream about a Talking animals chasing you to the edge of a cliff b Being connected to someone beyond humanly possible.
4 If your best friend tells you your outfit makes you look fat, you a Immediately take offense and storm out the door b Do a runway walk in front of them, attitude on power mode 5 Family, to you, is a Just another word in the English language b The pillar of this earth.
6 You can stand people thinking you re a little odd, but you can t stand them thinking you re a Self absorbed b A liar.
7 Sometimes you wonder if a You should dye Dearest Unspoken,I must regrettably inform you that we must do the unthinkable and separate I really don t know where we went wrong, you and I After my co blogger, Kat, set us up on that blind date, urging me to give you a go, I thought for sure we would hit it off nicely And for a minute we did Don t you remember It was love at first sight as I set my eyes on your gorgeous cover and unique premise But somehow, along the way, something went wrong.
Unspoken, you were true You had a solid plot and you were different from any of the others I ve read before you But it was clear from the beginning that our cultural differences would be our undoing With you being so very English and me being a confused American, I just couldn t keep up with your com

Sarah Rees Brennan is Irish and currently lives in Dublin For a short stint, she lived in New York and became involved with a wide circle of writers who encouraged and supported her, including Holly Black and Cassandra Clare She has developed a wide audience through her popular blog, mistful.livejournal.com, where she writes movie parodies, book reviews and some stories.