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ë Naked in Death ç Download by Ø J.D. Robb This book has been on my shelf for years Then I decided to unhaul it But before I got rid of the books, I looked through the stacks again and this book called out to me Marie Kondo was right So I listened and saved this book And I m so glad I did because I m about to marathon the shit out of the 40 books that are in this series.
The main female character, Eve, was badass The male character is super alpha, but Eve stands her ground Solid, incredibly intelligent, bad ass cop who fights for justice, because of the shit she s faced in her past The plot was thrilling and I loved how it all ended but left me wanting , hence the binge read of this series that will be happening Once my book buying ban is lifted that isOWLs Readathon, Book Two Taking my Divination exam, which is to read a book set in the future Re read listened to the audiobook version Jan 18 Nora Roberts J.
D Robb is such a prolific author, and the In Death series is exceptional and incomparable and one of my all time favorites After reading all 47 books and eagerly awaiting the 48th book, Connections in Death, I decided to revisit the beginning It s still a great crime mystery suspense read and Eve and Roarke will forever remain one of the absolute best romantic pairings there is original read review 5 stars Crime Mystery Romantic Suspense Futuristic ThrillerYes I ve finally read the first book in J.
D Robb s, aka Nora Roberts , vastly popular In Death series, and now I understand why there s 30 books and counting cause it s an awesome romantic suspense futuristic mystery thriller and very addictive In fact, it s a good thing that I brought the first t New York, Anno Cresciuta Ed Educata Dall Uomo Che L Aveva Trovata Quando Era Solo Una Bambina, Eve Dallas Una Detective Della Squadra Omicidi Molto Abile E Intelligente Dopo Dieci Anni Di Carriera, Si Trova A Indagare Su Una Serie Di Delitti In Cui Le Vittime, Tutte Donne, Vengono Uccise Con Un Arma Ormai Fuori Legge L Indiziato Numero Uno Un Miliardario Affascinante E Ambiguo, Uno Dei Pochissimi Collezionisti Di Armi Antiche Della Citt Sebbene La Passione Non Rispetti Le Regole Della Logica, Eve Consapevole Che Soccombere Al Fascino Di Un Uomo Che Conosce Appena Potrebbe Essere Molto Pericoloso 3rd read 29th June,20192nd read 31th December,20181st read 4th May,2015Even the re reads are so great I just love Eve Roarke sooooo muchHe took her hand, lifted it to his lips Nothing could have pleased him than the quick suspicion on her face You won t forget me, Eve You ll think of me, perhaps not fondly, but you ll think of me I m in the middle of a murder investigation You re part of it Sure, I ll think of you Darling, he began, and watched with amusement as his use of the endearment knitted her brow You ll be thinking of what I can do to you1st read 4th May,2015My original review ROARKE OMG I m melting in here Ladies, don t you ever forget this name He s hot, he s smart, he s funny but the most important thing is he s so freaking HOT I Loved him a lot D You have to meet with him ASAP DAnd Eve Dallas Damn, what a strong lady I loved her too I will definitely continue to read their s Reviewed by Rabid Reads3.
5 starsFor those of you who don t already know, J.
D Robb is an alternate pen name for Nora Roberts I only read my first Nora Roberts book about a year ago, and was to put it mildly pleasantly surprised I d always assumed that Roberts wrote cornball Walmart paperback romances for your grandmother, and when I saw a new book with Witch in the title, I figured she had jumped on the paranormal train, but was curious enough to check it out.
It was kind of amazing.
And with about 30 seconds of research I discovered that rather than jumping on the paranormal train, it was likely that Roberts could be held responsible for making books with paranormal elements marketable in the first place assumptions make you look stoopid FYI I really liked this book BUT The too forceful, borderline abusive love interest whos I started this series with a bit of trepidation back in 2015 I knew that JD Robb also wrote as Nora Roberts and I had read another book by Ms Roberts and hated it so I was a bit wary about starting the In Death books But I had heard great things about Roarke Another reason that put me off reading this series is because he is Irish and, being Irish, if it is not done right, it drives me nuts But she pulled it off He is perfection I am already up to book 19 but decided to head back to book 1 and do a quick recap of how they met and their initial reactions to each other OMG I loved it he turned his head, looked five pews back across the aisle and directly into Eve s eyes It was surprise that had her fighting not to jolt at that sudden and unexpected punch of power It was will that kept her from blinking or shifting her gaze For one hum 4 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading DenOkay, here s the quick and dirty well, sort ofNaked in Deathis the first book in the daunting almost 40 books and still growing In Death series by Nora Roberts, writing as J.
D Robb I kept putting off reading it, for that very reason Though, after recent reviews by Goodreads friends who have joined the growing legion of Roarke Groupies , I was most curious to read this book to find out for myself what the fuss is over Roarke While I do not feel I have reached full Groupie status, I think perhaps a badge of Rookie Groupie is in order What is it about Roarke Well, it s not just that he is a mysterious, tall, dark and stunningly handsome bad boy , or that he owns like WHOA 20 something % of the world in 2058 It is his int This is the first J.
D Robb Nora Roberts book I have read I have read glowing reviews about the series, but I was a bit hesitant to start a commitment to it Then, I have come upon a verse from one of the booksOh, but it is you, darling Eve Just as that taste is you, the smell, the look, the sound You ve undone meGlory in Death I think it was devastatingly beautiful The object of Eve s undoing piqued my interest, so I went on and borrowed the first 2 books Naked in Death is about a tough and emotionally closed off cop called Eve Dallas, and an enigmatic billionaire called Roarke just like Madonna In the year 2053, Eve seeks a murderer who kills prostitutes with vintage hand guns The only lead is the last person to see the first victim alive the aforementioned Roarke, who also owns the building she lived in, and who also has a collection of antique guns Whom Eve shared an instant an

4 StarsThis was solid.
Fast paced.
And old.
Seriously though, there are, what, only 40 thousand books in the series after this one LolRegardless, I see why I have not a damn thing to add to the multitude of reviews on this and I look forward to the next one.
5 StarsI d been postponing reading this series for a long time and I m so glad I finally caved because it was right up my alley The thing is, I love murder mysteries and crime solving books with a touch of romance but the futuristic aspect Sorry, not my jam I don t like anything futuristic sci fi fantasy related I never connect to such stories I don t know why Maybe I m unimaginative and dull Maybe they scare me.
It s stupid, I know, but look at it this way How much older am I than Roarke Let s see If the story is set in 2058 and he was born in 2023, then I m Right.
The good news is, I didn t need to worry It wasn t so bad The futuristic aspect, I mean There were a few mentions of badass vehicles and gadgets, strange laws sin tax, seriously and funny global issues but that was pretty much it.
The bad news is, I had a problem with some of the events For in

Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas, a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy, readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Leverage in Death, on sale September 2018, is the 47th entry in the series.