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[Kazu Kibuishi] ✓ The Last Council [asian-literature PDF] Read Online » Kazu Kibuishi S Thrilling, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Series Continues Emily And Her Friends Think They Ll Find The Help They Need In Cielis, But Something Isn T Right Streets That Were Once Busy Are Deserted, And The Townspeople Who Are Left Live In Crippling Fear Emily Is Escorted To The Academy Where She S Expected To Compete For A Spot On The Guardian Council, The Most Powerful Stonekeepers But As The Number Of Competitors Gets Smaller And Smaller, A Terrible Secret Is Slowly Uncovered A Secret That, If Left Buried, Means Certain Destruction Of Everything Emily Fights For This series keeps getting better and better here The Lost city of Cialis is not he safe haven we were hoping for There are zombies in this one and the whole city is being jailed talk about big brother We meet another stone keeper, several actually Miskit and the other robot come back into the story.
Emily is put through a trial she isn t really interested in She is trying to figure out how to be helpful and so far she simply has questions.
The art continues to be fantastic I enjoy this story and I will continue on with it.
THAT PLOT TWIST THO The art in this series is SO stunning I actually can t even deal with it.
Definitely my favorite of the series so far.
5 starsQuite predictable and cheesy, but still a fun enough read The artwork, the world and the secondary characters were as great as usual Still didn t like Emily much, she was so bland and vanilla and always had the same attitude and facial expressions, not to mention the same power struggle amulet issues as the previous three volumes She was just dull and stagnant, her dialogue was blah and her actions were generic The story would have been much better if one of the secondary characters took over from boring Emily.
GOD This series is getting better and better, especially the artworks Kazu Kibuishi is undoubtedly a very talented person He not only came up with a great fantasy fiction but also made the read enjoyable for the readers with his breathtaking illustrations I have even used those on my phone screen And I am sooooooo happy that Miskit and Cogsley are okay yeppiee I still love the art work so much and the story is progressing nicely I will get Volume 5 soon I can only recommend this graphic novel series.
It keeps getting better and better I enjoyed book 4 than the previous ones The art, Fabulous as always and I still believe that the mom adds nothing to the series she needs to leave other than that brilliant Can t wait to see what will happen next.
I didn t care for this volume as much as the others It feels a little sci fi and that just wasn t what I was looking for in this series Still, not bad, but maybe the weaker link of the series.

Kazu Kibuishi born 1978 is an American graphic novel author and illustrator He is best known for being the creator and editor of the comic anthology Flight and for creating the webcomic Copper He has also written drawn the Amulet series The webcomic artist and noted critic Scott McCloud has said that some of Kazu Kibuishi s work is so beautifully drawn that it hurts my hands when I look at