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Å Deed So È Download by à Kath Russell It Is , And Agnes Hayden Bashford, Haddie, A Brainy Southern Teen From A Tradition Bound Family, Dreams Of Breaking Free From Suffocating Expectations Placed On Girls And From Wicomico Corners She Vows To Escape To The Exhilarating World Beyond Its Narrow Borders, Like Her Handsome, Older Friend Gideon Albright Who Is Going To Vietnam A Series Of Shocking Incidents Brings The Outside World Crashing Down On Her Peaceful Village, Exposing Long Buried Family Secrets And Setting Haddie On A Collision Course With An Unstable Firebrand Who Will Have To Silence Her To Protect His Identity Haddie Witnesses The Fatal Shooting Of A Black Teen By A White Down On His Luck Farmer Trying To Protect His Retarded Son The Resulting Murder Trial Attracts Outside Agitators And Political Aspirants, And Pits Townspeople Against Each Other Excited About Being A Witness In The Trial, Haddie Sees Her Moment Of Notoriety Dissolve Into Frustration And Discomfort And Tragedy Claim The People Around Her The Racially Charged Case Exposes Civic Fault Lines And Secrets Within Haddie S Own Family, Shattering Her Comfortable Home Life, And Unleashes An Arsonist Who Terrorizes The Community By Night In Deed So, A Young Girl And An Entire Town Lose Their Innocence In The Last Year Of Innocence, The Year Before The Kennedy Assassination, The Civil Rights Struggle, Feminist Activism And The Vietnam War Changed America Forever This book was told by 12 year old Haddie Bashford and takes place in 1962 Haddie lives in a small town in Maryland where everyone knows everybody s business It reminds me a lot of the town where I live Haddie just wants to get out of the small town and move to the big city Haddie was raised in a home where African Americans were considered friends She didn t view them as any different than anyone else When things started happening in her town, she really experienced the fact that racism existed Katharine Russell does a good job in this book of describing the segregation that existed in this time period I wanted to read this book because I loved Katharine s book A Pointed Death and gave it 5 5 diamonds I thought Deed So was an okay book I really am not big on historical fiction, but I wanted to read of Katharine s work I just felt like this book Deed So is a novel about Haddie, who is growing up in a time of turbulence Gideon, who she secretly loves, has come back from the Vietnam War However, the war has greatly affected him Haddie tries to be there for him, but she cannot begin to understand how the war has changed him or what he is led to do On top of everything else, Haddie witnesses a white farmer shoot an African American young man who is beating his mentally challenged son She then sees, first hand, the racial tensions and the demonstrations during the trial Of course, the shooting and its aftermath affects just about everyone in town Family secrets begin to be revealed Everyone in the town begins to take sides An arsonist emerges, which leads to heartache for the town and for Haddie.
My biggest complaint about this novel is that Haddie s friend goes back and forth from Elise to Elsie There are a few other typos in Deed So follows the life and times of a young girl from Maryland named Agnes Hayden Bashford also known as Haddie Haddie is your average young girl patiently counting the seconds until she is old enough to leave the confines of her small close knit community and venture forth into the exciting big city Entrapped in a community that harbors a plethora of attitudes and experiences often found in small towns in the nineteen sixties she is surrounded by those who embrace religion, question racism and battle ignorance.
The book starts off speaking to Haddie s experiences with her family and friends and the complexities that follow both As the tale continues Katherine Russell expands on Haddie s story as she is exposed to the vicious beating of a crippled boy and the defensive killing of the boy who beat him While the 60 s were indeed a turbulent time not that I would know, but that is not the point, reading this felt like watching a 60 s version of a season s worth of One Tree Hill Way too many things happened to this tween for it to be believable, at least in my opinion Life can be like that, I should know, but I m just saying that for all of this to occur to Haddie our heroine in one year is not reasonable Transitioning between events also felt stuttered or choppy, not so much making it difficult to follow, but making me feel I d had too much caffeine, taking away from the natural flow of the narrative I do have to admit, though, that I liked young Haddie, and wondered what the little scamp would come up with next also, I k Deed So is set during the increasing unrest and turmoil of 1960s small town Maryland Twelve year old Haddie is impatiently biding her time until she can leave the town Quite shockingly, she witnesses a horrific crime A handicapped white boy is attacked and killed by a gang of black youth a black young man is also killed.
Civil unrest peaks as a white man is put on trial over the killing of the black man Making the situation volatile is the fact that the jury consists of only white people Activists are bused in from nearby Washington, D.
, as tensions rise.
Through all of this, Haddie is exposed to the turbulence involving Vietnam She becomes aware of the involvement of America s military, including the reactions here at home A local boy returns home wounded and forever changed by his experience.
Amidst the turmoil and chaos of it all, Haddie comes of age She becomes aware of h This is the story of young girl named Haddie growing up in a rural Maryland town in 1962 It is told by the grown up Haddie who is looking back on a summer that changed everything It is a time of turmoil Racial tensions are growing and seen here when a white man shoots and kills a young black boy who is beating up his son Haddie is a witness at the trial The trial brings in big city demonstrators and seems to trigger an arsonist Also, Haddie s crush goes to Vietnam and comes back disillusioned and depressed Along the way are also the day to day activities of listening to music and hanging out with friends This is the summer Haddie turns 13 and she is sometimes a child and sometimes a young woman This is marketed as a YA but I was hooked from the first page and I found myself turning the pages until I found there were no pages to turn I thought the characters were well thought out and added depth to the novel The characters are very likeable and the reader is able to see the story through their eyes The novel is characterized by the time and setting it takes place in and this helped make it a pleasure to read The tone of this book reminded me of To Kill A Mockingbird Overall a very well thought out book that deserves to be a bestseller.
This book was received for free as part of the virtual blog tour All thoughts are my own through reading this book.
This review first appeared on Deed So is the story of Haddie as she looks back to the year 1962 , when she was growing up in Maryland, US She was about to be a 13 year old and like every child her age, she dealt with the same things crushes, high school and so on All she wished was to break free of the boundaries of her small world But the 1960s were a time fraught with racial tension Haddie had grown up in an environment that overtly accepted blacks, yet the past prejudices still remained, undrlying the whole facade of equality She sees a young black boy being killed by a white man As a result, she ends up being a witness in a murder trial Soon, old tensions resurface as Haddie s peaceful town no longer remains so.
My favorite part of the book is the author s depiction of the 1960s Through Haddie s voic Agnes Hayden Bashford Haddie is struggling with many things is the 1962 town of Wicomico Corners entering high school, her budding crush on her best friend, Gideon, and waitressing at church suppers She has big plans to escape Wicomico Corners and make something of herself in the wide world Then, she witnesses the murder of a black teenager and the resulting court case exposes the racial tensions that Haddie couldn t even begin to contemplate could exist in her tiny town.
I enjoyed this book very much The characters were very well written and the setting was believeable for the time period I give this story an A

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