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Trailer ✓ The Lottery PDF by Ï Alexandra O'Hurley Living In A World Where Men Were Treated Like A Rare Commodity, Ethan Spears Did What He Could In Order To Survive But When The Proverbial Rug Was Pulled Out From Under Him, Desperate Measures Called For Desperate Actions To Save His Sister, He Entered The Lottery, Offering Himself To One Woman For A Year Karlyn Bowman Was A Rebel In Her Family, Choosing Not To Climb The Corporate Ladder In Order To Pursue Her Love Of Art Lonely, Ostracized By The Family Who Should Have Loved Her, She Pushed Forward Trying To Become A Success When Her Friend Gives Her A Lottery Ticket To Cheer Her Up, She Puts It Aside And Forgets It Imagine Her Surprise When The Knock Came To Her Door And Her Life And His Were Changed ForeverBe Warned Anal Sex, Masturbation, Orgies, Bondage For every one male, there are thirty plus females on this planet Men are chattel, plain and simple , used to serve women When Karlyn Bowman took a lottery ticket for her birthday, which was against the law, to please a friend she did not think she would win one calendar year with a hot, sexy, man toy I will admit I was not sure if this was a story for me with an orgy and the whole male sex slave thing in the first chapter However, I had to give the book a chance by reading a few chapters to see if it picked up and if there was some kind of unique plot in the works Wow Let me tell you I am so glad that I did If I had not kept going, I would have missed reading a beautiful written, very emotional tale with a delicious and entertaining story line The hero, Ethan Spears, will pull you in to the story because of how he is treated and what he has lived with being born male His Lena s Review The year of men owning women and ruling the world is over It is the year of women and men, which a rare treat in this world Men are slaves to us, where us women can do anything we want with them This is something that bugs the hell of Ethan Spears For years he has been a slave to Ophelia Mack and he s tired of it To her he was only called a contract, not lover, not boyfriend but a contract Now that he s been blackballed by her, he is determined to not let any woman get under his skin no matter how beautiful she is Yet with everything that he has experienced and seen he s never met a woman like Karlyn Bowman The Lottery is a big hit right now and one lucky woman can have him for a whole year doing a Review and Giveaway TBR Reviewer HarleyAhh to be sent into the future and still have hot, steamy and completely erotic studs at your disposal Now THAT S what I m talking about Ms O Hurley captivated my attention in the very first few pages of her erotic romance The Lottery Starting out the book in just the right fashion, drooling over Ethan Spears RAWR , was a helluva attention getter A hundred or so years into the future you are sucked into the plot The author does such a great job at striking the attention of the reader with every single emotion, every thought and you can t help but fall in love with Karlyn and Ethan Karlyn s a struggling artist trying to prove herself in a world dominated by very successful females, her best friend Sam sees how lonely Karlyn is and buys her a gift a very delectable man named Ethan Ethan, as a used and abused male I was a bit reluctant to read a story that was futuristic because I always find them so outside of the realm of what I think should happen Yes I know a bit closed minded of me, so I decided to open myself up and read The Lottery which is set in 2110 It s about a world where men are outnumbered 20 to 1, and are a very hot commodity and now the earth is a woman dominated society I thought to myself, well this could be interesting And boy was it This book was filled with strong characters, including the leading man Ethan, and yet while we at first get the feeling our heroine is mousy, she quickly comes out of her shell and gives as good as she gets It was a great story about family and love, the things we do to ourselves, the sacrifices made Sensuality 5 of 5Kink brief orgy scene, male prostitution, bdsm, alludes to other actsI stumbled upon this ebook by accident I think I was reading a blog and went to a site to look up another book and then clicked link for it on the side Boy I am soooo glad I did This was one of the most touching and heartwrenching erotica story I have read It dealt was a topic I wasn t quite sure I would like, male prostitution Now it was prettied up a little bit but over all it was gritty and you did get the feelings of shame and degredation that Ethan went through until he met Josie But as they sparred with one another and circled each other they came to like and eventually fall in love You could see how lonely they bo This is a good imagining of what the world would be like if the women outnumbered the men by 30 to 1 Men are basically reduced to slaves, as it s no longer a male dominated society Women are the breadwinner s men take the women s name, should they marry Ethan tries to do what he can to save his sister Bailey, who has brain cancer Forced into sexual slavery, just to pay off their father s debts, Ethan ends up being blacklisted by his last and cruelest mistress, Ophelia, when he walks out after his 2 year contract is up The only option left for him is the Lottery, where women pay 10 million dollars a ticket to win him for a year He s so jaded, that he misjudges Karlyn at every turn Karlyn s best friend Samantha bought her ticket as a birthday present Karlyn wasn t expecting to win, so she was flabbergasted when she did win Do they find The Lottery was a sexy, emotional rollercoaster ride that left me in tears of joy.
Karlyn is a virgin, she is waiting for true love before she decides to have sex, but in a world where men are rare and only the richest are allowed to enjoy their presence, that dream is far from ever coming true.
Karlyn s best friend Sam decides to buy her a birthday present in the form of a Lottery ticket The ticket gives the holder a chance to win a young sexy man for a whole year to do with whatever she desires, the ticket holder also has to be financially stable, of which Karlyn being a struggling artist is not.
Lo and behold Karlyn wins the lottery, and on her doorstep she finds Ethan, a young, struggling, super sexy male prostitute.

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