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[ Read Online The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska Å australia PDF ] by John W. DeCamp à This book, authored by a former Republican Nebraska State Senator, exposes the elite web of crime, satanic cults, and child sexual abuse that reaches through the highest levels of power in our society The organized cover up and suppression of the events and victims accounts is well documented, as is the author s role as attorney in the investigations and court cases It s interesting that former CIA director Bill Colby ambiguously acknowledged to the author that the scenario described is real, and not long thereafter Colby turned up dead under suspicious circumstances This is a good book to recommend for those in denial about the depravity and deviousness of those with power and influence in our society The only significant weakness about the book is that it does no I came across this book via the documentary Who Took Johnny, which featured De Camp This is a mind bending read, which inevitably leads you to do some independent research on some connected subjects, such as the MK ULTRA program, and other ritual occult abuse cases De Camp is thorough and concise, he draws a map of the Nebraska case and beyond that his hard to argue.
I live in Omaha and I well remember when this story broke in the press It was big news Lindbergh baby headlines, in fact When I saw this book was available, I knew I had to read it and find out the information that the press refused to carry John DeCamp names names and skewers people with little regard for his own personal safety.
I won t go into too much detail on what happened read the book to find that out It is sufficient to say that there were many allegations of child abuse, homosexual encounters, drug abuse and embezzlement of monies involved The people accused of the abuse were very prominent people in Omaha society, and still are today DeCamp lays it all out for everyone to see He cites sources and makes devastating charges against all those involved He even indicts the federal government as a willing participant in this cover up DeCamp is most impressive This book is quite shocking in many ways The allegations of child abuse, money laundering, drug running and official governmental cover ups both big and small The Iran Contra affair and CIA mind control How do they all play in this midwestern state read this book to find out.
If it s true it is totally shocking And how can it not be true While the allegations many times appear outlandish the writer names names and points fingers at very powerful individuals Why has no one filed law suits for slander if these allegations are not true That brings is back around to the unbelievable thought that these allegations are true.
A groundbreaking book that sometimes seems to go off on tangents but all the while is a very important read Witness the power of the government in ways that most people don t realize exists, the sordid underbelly Outstanding.

OK, I was cynical about government before I read this book But you just don t know how bad it really is The author is a very credible and competent public figure The book is very detailed and well documented Drugs, pedophiles, prostition, and satanism are being covered up by high level members of state and federal government agencies They will protect their system at ALL costs, even if it means covering for horrible crimes and sins of their peers I personally thought that there was too much detail It made it hard to read sometimes because I am not familiar with all the names and places All that aside, it is a fascinating book.
This book is deeply disturbing John DeCamp is a hero of this first order, both as an American and as a man of morals who will fight for what is right His work is well documented, and I m afraid, all too true It will give you insight into how our political system actually works It will show you how sick humanity can be It will challenge your notions not only of America , but also of justice, of morality, and you may come away wondering how God can allow such things to go on But the only way to correct the abuse portrayed here is to take responsiblity as DeCamp has, and fight.
I now look carefully at those missing children fliers we all get in the mail and wonder where are they Dynamite review of an old case of child abuse in high places in the US, covered up by the legal system and others Very well written Can you trust a child s testimony Many did not think so If you can t, that means those who do these horrible things can do anything to them Ever wonder where some of kidnapped children, who are never found, go Then read this book.
The Shut Down Of Omaha, Nebraska S Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, Raided By Federal Agencies In November , Sent Shock Waves All The Way To Washington, DCMillion Was Missing The Credit Union S Manager Republican Party Activist Lawrence E Larry King, Jr Behind Whose Rise To Fame And Riches Stood Powerful Figures In Nebraska Politics And Business, And In The Nation S Capital In The Face Of Opposition From Local And State Law Enforcement, From The FBI, And From The Powerful Omaha World Herald Newspaper, A Special Franklin Committee Of The Nebraska Legislature Launched Its Own Probe What Looked Like A Financial Swindle, Soon Exploded Into A Hideous Tale Of Drugs, Iran Contra Money Laundering, A Nationwide Child Abuse Ring, And Ritual Murder Nineteen Months Later, The Legislative Committee S Chief Investigator Died Suddenly, And Violently, Like Than A Dozen Other People Linked To The Franklin Case Author John DeCamp Knows The Franklin Scandal From The Inside In , His DeCamp Memo First Publicly Named The Alleged High Ranking Abusers Today, He Is Attorney For Two Of The Abuse Victims Using Documentation Never Before Made Public, DeCamp Lays Bare Not Only The Crimes, But The Cover Up A Textbook Case Of How Dangerous The Corruption Of Institutions Of Government, And The Press, Can Be In Its Sweep And In What It Portends For The Nation, The Franklin Cover Up Followed The Ugly Precedent Of The Warren Commission

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